Sarah & Greg

"Heather would listen without giving her opinion or feedback. She would formulate a plan to make sure what I was saying would truly come to life. After those Starbucks dates she would waste no time in acting upon her commitments.The rehearsal and wedding day went off without a hitch. She had her spreadsheet of responsibilities and the times associated with each action. She had everyone's contact information and was ready and available when needed. She came to the house where we were getting ready and just played a helping hand.After the ceremony, even though she didn't have to, she helped coordinate the decor transition to the reception as well as family pictures.  She attended the reception as a guest and still played her role of wedding coordinator. Simply Amazing! "

Allison & Dave

"Dave and I are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Heather. She was extremely professional and provided quality service. She went above and beyond the call of duty and it's because of Heather that we had our dream wedding go off without a hitch. Heather was there with us from the early days of our engagement up until the end of the wedding day. She helped with all of the wedding planning and then coordinated the whole day. We couldn't have done it without Heather and I will highly recommend her to anyone!"

Tracy & Justin

My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Heather as our wedding coordinator/planner. Having Heather there to help with everything from last minute details, the coordination of vendors, to planning the execution of the wedding day, all came together to make it truly the best day of our lives. Having a big outdoor wedding on our property was not without its challenges, but Heather ensured that everything ran smoothly, which put us both at ease and able to enjoy the entire day, with out any worries. Heather is truly an expert in her field and handles herself with the upmost integrity. She is very organized, has so many creative ideas and will always go above and beyond for her clients.  We feel so lucky that we had Heather there to help make our special day so memorable, and would highly recommend her services to everyone. 

Amy & Mark

"From the first day we met with Heather months before the wedding to the day of she was there anytime I had questions and gave me many suggestions when needed. A lot of the time I just needed to talk my thoughts through with someone and she was the best person to do that with! She has so many good ideas and is so creative. 

The day of, now this is when she really shined! I had all of these thoughts on what I wanted everything to look like, but it's so hard to know how it will turn out in the end.The final touches that Heather put on the decor were amazing. The ceremony area I honestly didn't really pay attention to until I saw my pictures because you are so captivated in the moment that you really don't notice your surroundings! But when I saw how the ceremony decor turned out- I was so happy with it! Heather was the glue that held the day together. She is very reliable, kind-hearted and creative and I would recommend her any day"

Laura & Kevin 

Heather is amazing! I wasn't going to have a day of coordinator but my mom ended up paying for Heather's services as a wedding gift - I am so glad that she did, I was incredibly lucky to have had her as part of my team. 

In the weeks leading up the wedding Heather was nothing short of my champion. She would check in to see how the planning was going and to see if there was anything that she could help with. She kept me up to date on my timelines, gentle reminding me certain tasks needed to be getting done.  She made amazing suggestions for vendors and had Pinterest level ideas for creative solutions to problems.   

Up until the morning of the wedding it was touch and go if we were able to do the wedding outside as rain was in the forecast. It was about two hours before the ceremony and the clouds parted and the sun started shining and I knew that it was a sign that the wedding was meant to be outside.  Heather hauled ass, found some helpers and moved a few dozen chairs from the reception site to the ceremony site and back again. ABOVE AND BEYOND!

On the wedding day she always made me feel as though she had everything 100% under control. Trust me, you want this is a planner!!  It's like she was reading my mind!! She respected my input and added her special designer eye to my ideas. The day of the wedding ran so smoothly.